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Please contact Dr. Tem if you have any questions and leave your message, your e-mail and phone number. If you are interested in lessons at your home, Dr. Tem can make some other arrangements than what’s available on the schedule.

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Piano: Dr. Tolga Tem

Guitar: Echo Tem

Water Marbling: Nazan Tem


POLICIES: Each following lesson is reserved a week before the lesson. Students are expected to give 24 hours notice of cancellation/ rescheduling.

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POLICIES: The first lesson in this plan can be scheduled for after the 20th of the month. Please see the Policies below and contact Dr. Tem to get more information.

Monthly plans are intended for students who are looking to take regular lessons year around. There are no commitments; students can stop taking lessons anytime. However, Dr.Tem encourages students to stop their subscription only if they are planning to take a break for or switch to individual lessons for at least 6-months.

With the monthly plans, lessons take place every week at the same day/time whether there are 4 or 5 (or on a rare occasion 3) lessons in a month. Dr.Tem also takes a break for 4 weeks in a year. (2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks during the Summer). So each student gets 48 lessons in a year which averages down to 4 lessons in a month.

Monthly plans come with a discount which equals to about 9 free lessons in a year. The weekly lesson plans allow rescheduling/canceling with a minimum of 24-hours notice however, the lessons within the discounted monthly plans cannot be rescheduled. If a student misses a lesson for any reason the lesson will be forfeited. The purpose of this discount is to compensate for the inconvenience which may occur when a student misses a lesson. Dr. Tem may need to reschedule lessons on a rare occasion.

As for payment, at the time of the first lesson the students should expect to pay the tuition fees for the remaining of the month and for the next month if the first lesson is scheduled for after the 20th of the month. This plan requires a subscription to the automatic payment system with a credit card, which will be recurring each month and on the same date of the subscription.