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This is Levon’s second lesson on the piano. He has already learned all of the notes on the treble clef. I’m proud of him. Technology enables “Blended Learning”. Blended Learning is a combination of classroom learning with online learning and also is an engaging activity for the students. Both Levon and I are having so much fun while working on his piano skills together. It is very important for me to build this relationship between my students and music because once this connection happens, learning flows so easily. Music will also become a lifetime experience, a best friend in their lives. I’m so happy to see that it is already happening for Levon.


This is my youngest student Praveen. He is also one of the cutest. He is currently getting familiar with the keyboard. We have prepared the grand staff in this video together, and Praveen has promised to color it for me. Besides music, one of the things he has learned so far is patience and concentration as well as self-confidence. Good job Praveen, I’m proud of you!


Sachin is the brother of Praveen. He is a very fast learner. He quickly memorizes every piece and is getting very good at reading the notes now. I enjoy using technology during my lessons which make them, even more, fun and Sachin is a very big fan of these. Since the last 20 years, I have been researching on educational technologies and I believe in innovation in education very much so I am very open to using new technologies while teaching. With the additional support of some music apps on the tablets, I can follow my students progress anytime, and I can send feedbacks even I’m not there with them. The app itself is listening to them as they play and shows their mistakes instantly. Sachin and Praveen especially find this exciting and they always try their best to get better points. I hear them still playing even when I am about to leave.

Thank you Sachin for your support in this and inspiring me.


Madelyne has been taking piano lessons for 5 months now. She enjoys piano very much as well as singing. She has begun to write her own songs at age 8 and I see great potential in her. So I sometimes ask her to write new songs when she passes her turn to his mother Margarita. As mother and daughter, they are traveling to my studio from a long distance as they are true lovers of music. I truly admire this. Madelyne often likes to compete with her mother and also she is eager to play her mother’s (adult) piano pieces. She is very good at it I must say. Actually, the first video is taken when she was playing from the adult’s book!


Thomas wants to study music as a career in the future. He is in 8th grade and has been taking piano lessons from me for more than a year. He has finished two piano books and I have decided to start an adult book with him. He is very good in playing the notes at first sight and usually this is not an easy skill but can be earned with hardworking. So Thomas does working hard! He also plays drums and xylophone at school. He is very interested in music theory and I spare some time to teach him theory. Her sister has always been a good audience of Thomas so now she has begun to take lessons too. In this video, I was introduction Thomas the “Yousician app” for the first time.


This is Emily. She is 11 years old. We have been practicing piano with her for a year now. For this video, we have decided to dim the lights and make her feel like she is in a concert in front of her fans. She is so musical, you can hear how she feels the music and lets it move through her fingers into the piano.

In music education, it is very important to help students understand the music deep in their hearts. My approach in teaching is instilling interpretation as much as the teaching technique. Emily, I’m very happy with your successes thus far. You have a wonderful future in music.


Echo (Yankı Tem) is my son. He is 18 now. He has just graduated from NSA (Nashville School of the Arts) He is the guitar player on the right. He is following the same path I followed. I also started to play in a high school band before going to the university. I am proud of you Echo and I am a lucky father!


more videos are on the way…

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